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The $20K mo Christian Coach by Tim Barber.pdf

The $20K / mo. Christian Coach

A Biblical Approach to Ethical Success as a Christian Coach, Expert, or Consultant.

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How to serve Jesus by loving others with your skills, quickly reach $20K a month, and scale the simple way.



<aside> ✒️ To the Father whose work and Word is the basis for my work and these words. May we toast your goodness, provision, & grace forever in Your Kingdom.

To my dad, who set the tone and example for a life of trusting God to provide through hard work and loving your neighbor.

To the great men and women of the past who have paved the way before I took a single step.

To my beautiful wife, who has fought through every obstacle faithfully by my side – may we reap the sweet fruit of what we've sown.

To my incredible children – may you know how loved you are, by both your Father and your daddy, and from there, may you become who you were made to be.






“The Christian tradition has found it hard to maintain something the biblical authors view as a unity, namely that when God’s Spirit is at work , what it means is that humans are at work, who are so in tune with God’s will that it’s a marvel to behold. What we tend to do is separate them, and say that if God is at work, it’s at the expense of human involvement. But that’s never the way the Spirit works.” — Tim Mackie, The Bible Project